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Fresh Chefs

Kitchen Sage is about food. It’s about fun. And ultimately, it’s about using both to nourish our community through an initiative for real work force development within the culinary and hospitality industry.


What’s Cookin’ ( Chef Tommy’s Blog )

Tommy FitzGerald is stirring things up in the Grand Rapids community, once again bringing his passion for cooking to life in a fresh way that makes a lasting impact. It’s kitchen wisdom for a new generation of leaders.


Our Kitchen

Kitchen Sage understands that throughout history, food has brought people together in many different ways. Leveraging this wisdom, the purpose of Kitchen Sage is to develop the confidence and abilities of young adults who desire to pursue a career in the hospitality industry and connect them with local employers. Kitchen Sage offers a six week core training focused on developing the knowledge and skills needed to pass the nationally recognized credential in this industry, the ServSafe Manager Certification. This six weeks is followed by a paid externship with one of many community partners in order to continue the culinary training and gain more experience. Kitchen Sage knows these are the right ingredients to create amazing “entrees” into the hospitality industry.