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2014 June

26 Jun


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Don’t you even dare think Kitchen Sage isn’t moving forward!

June 26, 2014 | By | No Comments



So we just became LEGITIMATE!! We are in the process of moving into our new home at St Adalbert’s!  We are revitalizing a perfectly good, but under-utilized kitchen in the heart of the West Side!

First we have to thank Monsignor Stasker for actually proving he is a man of faith, by giving a guy like me an opportunity to have a legitimate home to spread my Mission of Kitchen Sage!

Second, a huge THANK YOU to Dick Bulkowski and the amazing people at Steepletown! They have proven to be awesome mentors and dear friends already by giving Kitchen Sage a shot in the arm with their resources and passion for our city’s youth!  Without these I would have never met Dan Scully and his crew who moved crazy heavy equipment that I have been collecting and hoarding in hopes that this day would finally arrive!

Thirdly, HERE WE GO!!  The day is July 7th! The first day of the rest of our Kitchen Saged LIVES!!

Stay tuned, because now we are home!! Just wait till you see what kind of recipe is evolving for Grand Rapids…This means YOU!!