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They say Relationships Can Move Mountains, Well….

May 11, 2015 | By | No Comments

So this David Hood and I meet a couple weeks before my first JuiceBall and we hit it off like a brotha from another motha!(6 years ago!)  I tell him what we are doing for my 40th and he and his company EPS are in without hesitation, donating $1000 to the fund!  But its so much more than that one time check.  We got involved! I started helping out with his company functions/missions and he jumps head first into mine.  Of course we become friends. Incase you have never met David Hood, you should!  I know I sound like a Jon Lovitz Skit on SNL, but really… Get to know David Hood!

David Hood is no saint! None of us are! Please check out his FAILURE LAB video sometime. I think that is why we have become so close as friends.  I think sometimes one has to step outside their world to gain a better appreciation for what they have and we often do this by FAILURE.  Of all my champions and heroes, David Hood makes the most sense. ANYONE can share their time, talent or treasure, Hoody shares it all.  Plus he just gets that you can be a philanthropist when you are not a millionaire. I know first hand that my students need my time more than my money.

Hoody’s climb is all about second chances, like Kitchen Sage.  One should embrace their shortcomings or failures to be that better person.  This is Hoody’s second try at climbing a mountain. We all deserve to try until we complete our goal.  The Mountain Hoody plans to climb rests in all our minds.  We can all climb our mountains with the love and support from our community.

My mountain is creating a neighborhood for a bunch of young adults that were not BLESSED with a neighborhood like mine. My neighbors held me accountable, they cared what I was doing next, they gave me opportunities to learn life lessons and skills. And thank God for Steepletown Neighborhood Services! They have been around for 30 years to teach me and others to better ourselves.  I need us all to become better neighbors for a better community. We can all climb this mountain together.

Check out the videos please.  Of course we want your support, but really ask your self, “What’s My Mountain?”

Thank you Hoody for inspiring all of us! You are truly a King among Men!!


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