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2017 January

18 Jan


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I know this is the time of the year when we all try to better ourselves. It really is such a great time to stop and reflect. On that note Chef Tommy has a whole list! At the top of the list is asking for help. I have been so hell-bent on making Kitchen Sage sustainable, that I have let my pride distract me. Kitchen Sage is not at the point where we are completely sustainable. We are close and with your help we can get where we need to be. So here I am asking for your HELP! If everyone within the sound of my voice could just hit this link and donate at least 10 bucks, we can expand our reach for the preschool meal program, our Crock and Roll program teaching the preschool parents basic Home Economics, and opportunities for the students and alumni of the Culinary Leadership Academy. Watch the video, then please, please click to donate. Prove to me that it doesn’t hurt to ask, because right now Kitchen Sage Needs YOU.

Click Here to Donate and Prove Me Wrong!

12 Jan


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Kitchen Sage, Stretching the Canvas!

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This year was HUGE for Kitchen Sage! Through Steepletown Neighborhood Services, Kitchen Sage has been able to graduate to the next level of service to our community. We actually achieved a proprietary license with the state as a vocational institute, breaking the barriers for our young adults. Our students may not have the means yet to enter into a full culinary program. Our program is only six weeks and gives them opportunities to make money as they learn by helping prep 700 preschool meals a day that help sustain Kitchen Sage’s mission.

Kitchen Sage is a six week program that students have the opportunity to learn basic culinary skills, focus on food safety accreditation(ServSafe), and most importantly self-empowerment.
The self empowerment piece is so vital for our restaurant partners. We have a finite amount of time with our students. It is our goal to give them the WHAT WHAT it takes to be good employees in the hospitality world. These skills extend to to the mindset of KEEPING THE JOB! When they complete this six weeks, we then place them in an 6 week externship in the community that fits the student. This externship is paid for the student as well as giving them an opportunity to prove themselves with the employer.

Our restaurant partners want to take this six week externship to mold their future employee. Chef’s Justin and Karen proclaim, “We want to afford our partners with a blank canvas”! The employer knows that the student has at least the basics from the Culinary Leadership Academy. This is why we tell people that we are just “stretching the canvas!” We are taking our young adults and giving them the confidence to be good employees.

Did you know that by 2019 America will be short an estimated 200,000 chefs? Its because people nowadays want their food prepared not processed! Sounds like a great career huh? Well it is!