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2017 May

15 May


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Are you ready for Summer School? We are because of Keller Williams!

May 15, 2017 | By | No Comments

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My dear friend Michael Kooistra gave us such an amazing gift last week and it was an ARMY of KELLER WILLIAMS soldiers! They spent the entire day with us landscaping, cleaning, and painting. They even got Koetsiers to match their dollars for all the beautiful plants. I always get overwhelmed by these days when it seems like everything we do gets validated by companies like Keller Williams when they are doing things like this:



Want to hear the best part? As we were packing up for the day, two of our very important neighbors were walking down the side walk and the boy says to his sister, “when did they get the pretty flowers?” You all know I’m a cryer right? Well the tears flowed all the way home! I am sure all these beautiful people from KELLER WILLIAMS slept well that night knowing they did good, but they could never feel the way we do at Steepletown when teams like KELLER WILLIAMS put wind in our sails. And that is what happens when like minded people build their team with Steepletown and Kitchen Sage!


Stay tuned for a new class that will build your team up by building up the neighborhood even more!