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2017 September

20 Sep


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Timing is everything…

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First of all I need to let you know that this is not Tommy today. I am Patty Brechting a new friend of Kitchen Sage. A few weeks ago I was at a picnic and saw Tommy who I have known for several years. We would run into each other occasionally and catch up with what was happening in each other lives. Over the last few years he has been telling me about Kitchen Sage and it’s mission. My response was, “Wow, someday I am going to come and work with you.”

As a mother of 5 kids I was probably at least half as busy as Tommy with juggling all of their sports and other craziness. Well, finally the last kid is an adult and I was left wondering what to do when I grew up. I haven’t been to the office in 27 years since my son Matt was born and I couldn’t see keeping office hours again. I detest housework, and never really good at the stay-at-home part of the mom job. One thing I am excellent at is volunteering. Enter Tommy. I am no longer needed as a team Mom so I thought why not join the Kitchen Sage team? He asked me to meet with him and see where I could help. So here I am, starting something new, in a new environment, doing my little part. The timing is finally right to help out the neighborhood, and I am hoping to get some great cooking tips along the way.

06 Sep


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You Reap What you Sow!

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The Campers almost lost their Crop! They realized that if you don’t weed, water, and feed your crop, they wither and die.

I hope this resonates with you all. I have learned from my students that they only need one thing, really. This is our TIME. We as a community are so awesome with resources of all kinds, but I can tell you one thing: All we need to do is give our youth proper nutrition, and mentorship. Education comes organically if you are hanging out with one of “kids” from the neighborhood. Helping them navigate their future with dignity and hope(or I like to say “weeding out the junk”)will always pay off ten fold.

Believe it or not, I was that kid. I really had just so much energy. But Don and Peg Inman, my neighbors along with really my whole neighbor gave me opportunity make money and be productive, held me accountable, and generally cared for me. And the best way to honor them is to make Kitchen Sage a beacon for all our MISCONNECTED young adults that are looking to their neighborhood for guidance.

I think we all could do a better job weeding through the distractions and get to the heart of the matter. I promise you, the harvest will be huge for our neighborhood! So this week, let’s see what the garden needs. Feel free to email me on your ideas!

To Don, Peg, and all my neighbors:
I am sorry, and thank you for your patience! Kitchen Sage started in your homes.