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30 Mar


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A Whole New “Bucket List” for Grand Rapids

March 30, 2017 | By | No Comments

And last night at the “Taste The Westside” event I saw the light. I know we all have been to fund raisers for this cause or that, but last night was different for me. I am stealing a phase from my dear friend David Hood that I overheard that was just so precise. David said quite frankly that, “We are all in the same bucket”. This just hit home to me on so many levels.

As a chef, I am so quick to “metaphor” my food designs so forgive me if am I consistent with using David’s words for my presentation!

David works for EPS, right here on the West Side, family business, NO really a family business. OUR EPS family stops by once a month just to have breakfast with Kitchen Sage and Steepletown. We are instructed that all our staff are more than welcome, in fact made to feel a little guilty if we have to miss it. There is no agenda, no quarterly reports, not even a whisper of work. Just a couple of families getting together for breakfast.

So back to the bucket. If one of us poops in the bucket, we all swim in it, right?! So how is that different from ignoring a neighbor that may just need something?

If there is one thing that makes me just so in love with our Steepletown is that 9 times out of 10 we are affording our neighbor time. Time to teach a preschooler the ABC’s(and to share). Time to share with one of our seniors who needs their lawn mowed, while offering work force development for one of our youth. Time to let a Kitchen Sage student take their new found culinary skills and share it with the city. And the list goes on.

I do think it is funny about the “Bucket” model because I can’t help but view a bucket as a vessel to quench a fire, clean up a mess, or fill up with some ice cold root beers for a day at the beach.

To all our neighbors, not just from last night, but all of YOU. Thank you so much for not pooping in our bucket! And for the neighbors bringing the pool toys to the party, THANK YOU SO MUCH!


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