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30 Jul


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Stone Soup Needs more than Fire! pt.1

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I think the reason I love the Stone Soup story so much is the how the villagers had no idea what impact they were making on the recipe until they actually took part in sharing the amazing meal that served the whole community.  I think that Grand Rapids actually has a leg up when it comes to that village.  The village was resistant to welcoming change in the beginning, Grand Rapids is obviously the opposite.

I want to talk about some recent supporters that may or may not be aware of their impact.

During this session of Kitchen Sage, we are revitalizing the kitchen at St. Adalbert’s Parish.  That means that we have a ton of work to do to a kitchen that has not been used in 10 years!  We have to make sure that we update all licensing with the health department, make sure all the mechanicals are in order, of course we need to make sure the kitchen is secure, and is well stocked with all the tools we will need to cook up a storm! Thankfully, Msgr Stasker made sure the kitchen was already clean! Pretty awesome we were welcomed to a clean new home for Kitchen Sage, HUH?!!!

So first thing first, let’s get this amazing kitchen legal!  So the first thing the junior chefs did was set up an appointment with our sanitarian from the Kent County Health Department.  Of course I could have done this on my own, but at Kitchen Sage, every step is a chance for a lesson!  So of course we had the kids hang out with Jeff Constantine, our sanitarian.  Now the crew knows that the first step in starting any new hospitality venture is meeting with the local health department.  Needless to say, the Kitchen Sage class was pretty impressed with Jeff.  A big THANK YOU to Jeff for taking the extra time and engaging the junior chefs!


24 Jul


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Kitchen Sage Summer Roster Part 1.

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I can’t believe its been 3 weeks already. This summer class of Kitchen Sagehas been unstoppable!! These kids have such an abundance of energy that they channel towards their work and show such willingness to learn new culinary skills, and of course get the luxury to accompany such cool guys like Chef Justin Stermin, Chef Tommy FitzGerald and yours truly10525859_10202942586420326_1252535091643015378_n 10518332_10202942582340224_584362762866487019_o 10487309_10202942631621456_822328734906593085_n 10562649_10202942635461552_4033361206807122219_o. I truly appreciate this program, it has worked wonders for me and has given me such a clear insight on whats out in this great world for me. My goal with Kitchen Sage is to show these students that theirs so many opportunities and resources out there. Teens now days only know what they THINK they know, but as Chef always says “You dont know what you dont know”, meaning that most teens live in a bubble, stepping out of that bubble and seeing and trying things, thats when life truly begins. I’m more then ok with being the bubble popper for these kids just to show them that they can do anything.
-Reggie Green

22 Jul


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Maybe Man can Live on Bread Alone, or at Least a Field and Fire Wisdom!

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IMG_0944 IMG_0942Take time to look, take time to listen, Take time to take a BITE!

With Kitchen Sage what you will see, learn, and taste is all that we could hope for in a community.  Shelby Kibler, a transplant to Grand Rapids gets it and GIVES it.  He is THE perfect example of why I say “GO LOCAL or MOVE.  Here is a guy who brings his wife and son to Grand Rapids, not to just make a buck, but to be a part of Grand Rapids on a level beyond “BAKER”.  He gave us the opportunity to not only see how a baguette was made, but to deliver a message of sincerity. Sincere ingredients, sincere RELATIONSHIPS (with guest and staff), all make up some of the most sincerely NUTRITIOUS  and DELICIOUS expression of baked goods I have ever seen.


The time he took with the students encapsulated everything from actually baking to business ethics- everything a growing kid needs!! Sam Jansen loved the differences between baking and cooking! Chararalyn Martin loved the fact a budding chef or baker could turn a passion into a career.  Jonah Jansen loves that someone could work that many hours loving what they do!  Sylvia Andres was overwhelmed with his passion and knowledge.  Jamia Souels loved the fact they used their hands instead of a machine to knead the dough.  I have never seen Travis Latter so intrigued.  And I of course was amazed at Shelby’s physical fitness, maybe I need to be a baker!!


A Huge Thank you to Chef Shelby and the whole gang at Field and Fire!

14 Jul


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Steepletown, putting the spires in INSPIRE and ASPIRE!

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This session of Kitchen Sage reflects the willingness to share resources!  Last year Steepletown sent me a couple students as a favor.  That favor resulted in Reggie Green, an OPPORTUNIST who expressed his limitations for the culinary arts, but a passion for organizing and implementing events.

As Dick Bulkowski and Emilio Zamarripa periodically checked in on Reggie, we started realizing we wanted the same thing for Grand Rapids’ youth. Like Reggie, I expressed my limitations in the Non-Profit world to the Steepletown Gang.  I really just want to grab kids(in a good way!) and teach them that:

1.  The World owes you nothing, you owe the World!

2.  If you want to learn to cook with Tommy, you do it not just for yourself, but for the neighborhood!

3.  Relationships are the only thing in life! Invest in relationships and you will be wealthy beyond compare!

I really want to teach kids leadership, communication, compassion, and culinary skills.  As a bonus, our kids get ServSafe Certified, a killer marketable skill.(ServSafe Certification is a 5 year accreditation that says that an individual knows how to handle food SAFELY! What a marketable skill to have especially in ANY hospitality industry!)

So Dick and I started doing some events together and just really hanging out from time to time (you know those Catholic Central boys!)  I really was intrigued how Steepletown got so much done!  I obviously needed to heed what could be done with proper mentorship, so I inherintly became a protege of Steepletown’s vision.

Steepletown is not just a mentor of Kitchen Sage.  We are collaborating this summer to incubate a vision of mine with the vision of Steepletown to turn a pot of stone soup into a 5 star meal!

What if my students from Kitchen Sage had to start at Steepletown where they had a month  of resources beyond culinary?  Things like Pre-Employment Training, Employee Building Skills, Goal Setting, Stress Management (need to sit in on that one next time!) and Empowerment Sessions are given to the students before they even meet me!  So Kitchen Sage is getting a mentally prepared student!

What if the students actually got paid to be in my program? What if after they were ServSafe certified I could call up a restaurant and offer them a paid intern?  Oh wait, Steepletown already made it happen! So now I can call up my friends and offer them a possible employee, if not at least a summer intern!

So here’s to a better Kitchen Sage, a better Student, and better Hospitality in Grand Rapids!

Thank you Steepletown!!

Oh and by the way, Reggie Green is now Senior Events Coordinator for our catering arm!


26 Jun


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Don’t you even dare think Kitchen Sage isn’t moving forward!

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So we just became LEGITIMATE!! We are in the process of moving into our new home at St Adalbert’s!  We are revitalizing a perfectly good, but under-utilized kitchen in the heart of the West Side!

First we have to thank Monsignor Stasker for actually proving he is a man of faith, by giving a guy like me an opportunity to have a legitimate home to spread my Mission of Kitchen Sage!

Second, a huge THANK YOU to Dick Bulkowski and the amazing people at Steepletown! They have proven to be awesome mentors and dear friends already by giving Kitchen Sage a shot in the arm with their resources and passion for our city’s youth!  Without these I would have never met Dan Scully and his crew who moved crazy heavy equipment that I have been collecting and hoarding in hopes that this day would finally arrive!

Thirdly, HERE WE GO!!  The day is July 7th! The first day of the rest of our Kitchen Saged LIVES!!

Stay tuned, because now we are home!! Just wait till you see what kind of recipe is evolving for Grand Rapids…This means YOU!!

21 Dec


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Merry Christmas! AND Happy Holidays to All!

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Whew!! I can not wait to catch EVERYONE up! We have been working like mad transitioning me full time to Kitchen Sage, but we are all busy this time of year!

IMG_6715The Kids and I just wanted to take this time to say thank you and Happy Holidays!  Now get cooking!! Recipe Below, Video above! Just Click on the Pic!

Kitchen Sage’s Roasted Root Vegetable Wreath

1 Head Cauliflower
3 pounds Brussels Sprouts
3 Turnips peeled, cut into ½ inch disks
3 Parsnips, peeled, cut into ½ inch disks
3 Beets, peeled, cut into ½ inch disks
1 cup Olive oil
1.5 Tablespoons Kosher Salt
1.5 Tablespoons Pepper!

Preheat oven to 400 degrees
Put Cauliflower and Brussels sprouts atop sheet tray, toss with 1/3 the oil and Salt and pepper.  Feel free to trim the stalk of the Cauliflower to even it out!
Put turnips and parsnip disks on baking sheet and toss with the oil and salt and pepper
Keep yer Beets Separate! Follow the same process as the other veggies, we don’t want the vibrant color of the beets to bleed into the others!!
Roast all until tender, about 30-45 minutes…keep them crunchy!

Now make a wreath with the cauliflower as the center.  Surround with the Brussels sprouts as the wreath.
Make a bowl out of the beets and decorate with the turnips and parsnips!  Use your favorite cookie cutters and have fun!!

The kids of Kitchen Sage want to know what’s your special ingredient? Is it cheese, a vinaigrette, or maybe even Bacon Pinecones?

Take this opportunity to not only make this recipe with the family, but share with your friends, let alone share your special ingredient back to the kids of Kitchen Sage!

We need your support to keep these recipes coming and the kids growing! DONATE NOW


10 Oct


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The Skinny on the FAT Chef! Part 1

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Just recently, I received  a post on the Kitchen Sage Facebook.  WOW! a lessor person may be very upset at this attack on his personal character but in all honesty, there was some validity to some of the post and it really made me start to think.

    • I did financially restructured my business on morning of Jan 8, 2010.  I had partnerships in two properties that were not only failing due to a turn in the economy, but also failing because one partner thought he could leverage his legal weight to take over what the other partners and I had sincerely built.  I had two choices, borrow money from family and friends and HOPE that said partner would let me do what we set out to do, or walk away from all my equity(that I paid CASH for), move in with my little sister, and start from scratch on my own.  Super cool guy at 40 huh? Homeless, penniless, oh and fat from all the stress and bad eating habits! Sometimes in life you just have to make that really hard decision so you can really move on.  So I took advantage of some amazing financial advice to restructure, not because I had over-extended myself credit wise (it is nearly impossible to get any sort of credit as a self employed restauranteur!) but to get back to being completely in charge of my life.  This advice gave me a chance to regroup with Cafe Stella and gave me the freedom of liability to move forward on my own terms.
      Oh and by the way, that was also the same date of the first JuiceBall! So instead of mourning my failures, I decided to give hospitality to those that really need some help like Kids’ Food Basket.  Heck, I had a warm home, food on the table, and a shirt on my back so why not help out a kid with a juice box?
      A 40th Birthday for Tommy with 1200 friends and 144,000 juice boxes for Kids’ Food Basket!
      So if I am so good at business, why the non profit status? To address any nay sayers,  why on earth would I even think of non-profit?  I am sure most of the people that have read my vision for Kitchen Sage think its all about the kids, but I do have some other motives.   I always knew that my infectious passion for hospitality had to be passed on.  I also knew that I wanted to make sure that those after me could avoid the same failures with just a little mentorship(add your favorite cliche!). You see, in the real world of small business, we are the tax payers.  Before I sell a sandwich for $7, the tax man charges me $2500, just to be in business, every year.  I am totally fine with that and all the taxes I pay, as a business and personally… I take pride in the fact that I contribute my fair share.  But, when I do a party for COST for a non profit, that is still seen as revenue and thus I am taxed on that number. What could I do for the community as a non-profit? How many other non-profits could I help? Because in all reality aren’t all non-profits in it together?  Is Degage more important than Kids’ Food Basket?
      Since 1997, I have raised not only hundreds of thousands of dollars for local charities, but also awareness to some legitimate needs of the community. I also take the stance that throwing money at an issue sometimes can have a reverse affect of what is intended or hoped for. A lesson sorely learned personally.  Throwing good money after bad in my situation would have NEVER allowed me to be to have the humility to serve on such a large scale. That is why KFB and Degage hand out resources, not money. I have tried to give out Degage vouchers to my neighborhood panhandlers, they want cash for food, but not a $2 voucher for food at Degage(4 blocks away)?
      This is why I am so intent on making our students serve our community.  They have to have their skin in the game.  I am more than happy to mentor them but the also have to be accountable for their actions, and responsible for their community. Kitchen Sage is not a hand out or a help up. Its just me taking some kids and volunteers and the idea that we can all learn to prepare and share sincere, local, and delicious food for a healthier community.
      So lesson number one of Kitchen Sage:
      Only through serving others can you truly build relationships.  There is nothing more important than the relationships that you have with God(your own!), your family, and your community.  This is the core of Kitchen Sage, we just happen to cook some killer food too.
      Our Mission Statement:
      Kitchen Sage teaches our children the basics of cooking and food preparation while mentoring them to make healthier food choices for themselves, their families and their community through culinary outreach
      Before I get to part 2, please be aware that Kitchen Sage is not for”High Risk”, “Disadvantaged”, “Troubled Teens”, let alone moochers!  But they are cute!
      The Kitchen Sage students are opportunists that are thriving in a culture of community service,  internal leadership, and change all the while passing on what they learn to EVERYONE that wants a little Kitchen Sage.
      Does Caitlin Bilkovsky look like a troubled teen? because she’s 12!! I’m troubled that I only got this pic and not the dinner she made WITH her family!! Watch out Giada!! I think the raviolis had not only a moral center, but 4 cheeses!!

10 Oct


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The Skinny on the FAT Chef! Part 2

October 10, 2013 | By | No Comments

When you realize that you are a public figure, it can be a double-edged sword. Most of the time you are loved for your charming personality! Sometimes there are others with mean words that are spoken/written and those are the words that can cut deeper than any blade.  I have always opted to wear my heart on my sleeve, thinking that people would take my intentions along with my actions without negativity, resentment, or speculation.

WOW! I was wrong! But as always, there is a lesson in the problem, and there are always 3 solutions to every problem.

When my students and I discussed bullying over a stir fry, my heart ached not only for the my students, but for the aggressors.  We all know that the bullies are usually acting out on their own issues, and you want to be empathetic to their situation. But now the game has changed because in all reality that mean, bitter, and hateful noise not only infiltrates the classroom, school yard, and halls, it now also consumes social media. And it doesn’t end when you finish school! I really don’t think that the bully understands how their words and actions can severely affect others.

The Anonymous Tangent:

Years ago I realized that we behave differently when driving a car or a grocery cart!  When I am at Meijer and someone darts in front of me blocking the aisle to pick out their favorite brand of peanut butter, I don’t scream, yell, or even flip them the bird.  I actually say hello and tell them to take their time.  But if am driving my car on 131 and someone is doing 40 in the left lane(which is the passing lane!!), I would freak out! The difference: there is a sense of anonymity when I am in my car! So with today’s social media, the rules of bullying are out the door.  ANYONE can release their opinion, their ignorance, and their hate towards anyone anonymously!  When we were kids, we could at least contain the bullying, fight back, or wait till summer.  What guidance can we offer to make these victims see that the bully does not define them? What if the person being bullied a public figure? And what if the bully is right?

Some of the reasons I am fat(not justifications!)

The person that said I have a weight issue is absolutely right! Tommy is fat, fatter than he has ever been. But why? I have not eaten fast food since 1989, I seldom eat processed food, and I have more access to healthy menus than ANYONE! I used to be super FIT, so what gives?

Well, My day starts at 4:30…EVERYDAY. Somedays I am done by 3, somedays I am done by midnight. I cook all day, so eating really sounds awesome late at night, strike one!

I LOVE to eat! Maybe that’s why I am a chef…DUH!  So when I do eat, you know it is awesome! And what’s better than one bite of killer grub?….20 bites of killer grub! For me one bite is too much, 20 are not enough, strike 2!

If I don’t work out in the morning, I don’t work out at all! And who am I kidding, I probably haven’t worked out in 6 months. Why? I love the gym!  But I love this new program of Kitchen Sage much more than my own health, which is stupid, strike 3.

Of course with the stress of running my own company and financing a new Culinary Leadership Academy, I am tapped financially.  I have not only laid down most of the cash for this vision, but I have also borrowed from my retirement funds, let alone the countless hours I have spent designing and implementing the program…..stupid huh? Not in a million years!  The first class of Kitchen Sage has already given me the return on investment I needed with their hard work, sense of urgency, and service to our community. Oh and if you haven’t got the point, I also chow down when I am stressed!!

The solution to my weight issues

So I need to get back into the game..NOW!  That is why I decided to join a friend, Shani Hendricks and her gang from Lambert, Edwards and Associates are on a fitness challenge. Shani didn’t call me fat, especially on my own Facebook page, she just invited me to be a part of their solution. They proved their friendship years ago and I know that with them helping me to be more accountable, I could lose some seriously unhealthy weight. What a novel idea, inviting someone to make better choices INSTEAD of hurting them via social media!

So here is the plan!  I have 4 months till JuiceBall which is Jan 11. (get your costumes now!) I need to lose at least 50lbs before then, I will not wait for the New Year on this.

Next Tuesday I start a 6 week transformation with Fitness and Sports Performance, go to their website: Fitness and Sports Performance. Tiffany is going to kick my butt into shape!  She has even given the other teams some financial incentives and has pledged a dollar for each pound lost to Kitchen Sage!!  OMG!  That would help a little with “other stress” too! So I will be eating right, SLEEPING, and working out! That seems like a great plan but I still need support.

what’s that, how can you help?

I am soo glad you asked!

1. Pledge a buck a pound on the the Kitchen Sage Facebook page or website , then each month, you can just donate on the website, a buck for each pound.  Therefore I am earning the resources for my vision, paying it forward with my health!

2. You could get a team for yourself going, and Tiffany will donate a buck for each pound you lose!!

3. Get your company to match funds! And since we are an official 501c3, my fat is is tax deductible!(and we just might put you on all our media!)

All these components added up could make a world of difference.  I could show my kids that I too need to be healthier and to take action. I could get the kids on the bandwagon of making healthier recipes to share. And this could show everyone that there are many ways to deal with bullying, but the bottom line is to not rant and rave, change what you need to change for your OWN self and let the other person figure out their own issues.  And when someone puts stupid remarks or judgements on your Facebook, you can chose to leave it up,  delete it, and a great way to respond to them is off line. Some lessons huh?!

To express my appreciation for all the support, I will not only keep everyone up to date each week via my blog, but the kids and I are going to pass on VERSATILE healthy recipes for you to make!  Don’t worry, not only will the recipes be simple and cheap, we will also post a video so you see how easy they are!!

I think this could be a pretty cool solution!

Thank you Shani!!! and Thank you to all the supporters in advance!

So who’s in?!!


25 Sep


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All This in a Pot of Marinara?(with Recipe!)

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I think that it is about time that we post a recipe!  What better way to explain that there are 5 mother sauces in the culinary world by including the one that is a perfect example of everyday life: The RED or CLASSIC TOMATO SAUCE. You would not believe how quick the SAGERS were to answer how they like their red sauce.  It was kind of funny that after we discussed all the favorites from chicken parm to lasagne, we forgot to bring up the fact that we all just like it over pasta too!

One thing to take note is that here at Kitchen Sage I DO NOT throw out recipes like the Pillsbury Dough Boy(there are other similarities though! hmhm!) I want to give these kids just the basics, allowing them to create on their own terms as a collaboration, I boss them around enough!  So when we came up with the recipe below, they WANTED to throw in all the cool new veggies from the previous week’s Stir Fry! Crazy things like Zucchini, Summer Squash, and Broccoli!! ANY parent that is trying to sneak veggies into their kid’s meal would have shed a tear!

I know I keep saying that education is the hope, so when you see someone that has never had zucchini, and then they want to actually use it in their recipe it makes you want to let them try another vegetable so crazy like asparagus!  The SAGERS also learned about physical change(cutting veggies) and the chemical change(occurs when a simmering a pot of acidic tomato sauce turns sweet as the acids reduce and convert to sugars!) I wish you could have been there when we calculated the start and finish volume of the sauce. The real lesson of how much it cost compared to store bought blew their minds!

Then all of the sudden I was called to task!  When I told them we were just going to boil some Cavatapi Pasta to enjoy our”Gravy”(what Italians call marinara), you would of thought I was letting them down. “Why can’t we make our own pasta Chef Tommy?” “Are you kidding, we don’t have enough time, but wait!  We can make the dough and let it rest, then we can cut it, then you guys take it home.  Do something with it!”

While some teens use their cell phones for “sexting” my SAGERS are texting me things like this all the time!  Thank you Imani Hayden!

Pasta Imani


By the way, Imani had to do this in the dark, her power was out due to a storm!!

So as we are doing all this Marinara stuff, I took the opportunity to jump into their conversation with my own opinion!

“Kim Kardashian is a cheap skank!  Only an insane Kanye would go for a girl like that.  And if you think that a woman that not only commits adultery but also has a child with the other man is acceptable you are out of your mind.  The only things that make these idiots newsworthy is their moral train wreck and PR machines. By the way if you think emulating this behavior makes you rich and famous, you have another thing coming.  All this does is leave you as a single mom with a blessing/burden for the rest of your life.” A moral compass is there to guide, not to stray from! Then Dom, one of our Kitchen SAGERS chimes in with his thoughts on raising a child.  After his reality check, I was dumbfounded with his story and gained a deeper respect for this young man.  I knew Dom would be my first apprentice from the program.

I know you are waiting for the recipe, so here it is!  Don’t want such a huge amount? Do the math!

KS veggie marinara

1/4 cup oil
24 oz med dice onion
35 oz medium copped zucchini and summer squash
16 oz tri peppers chopped
20 oz broccoli
16oz chopped mushroom
16 oz garlic
6 lbs 6oz chopped can tomato
6 lbs 6 oz tomato sauce
1 bottle red wine
1 cup Italian Seasoning
3T Kosher Salt
3T Pepper
Saute the veggies with the oil until just a little soft, then add the Italian seasoning.  When you smell the herbs, put in all tomatoes, sauce, wine, and garlic.  Then the salt and pepper.
Bring to simmer and let simmer for at least 2 hours.
Freeze what you don’t use right away! The sauce stays great in the refrigerator for at least 7 days!
Pot O' Wisdom!

Pot O’ Wisdom!

All this with a Pot of Marinara!

16 Sep


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September 16, 2013 | By | No Comments

Did you miss me and my BLOG!? I do almost apologize for my website absence, but sometimes when you are in a hurricane, the last thing you do is write about the experience! Have no fear, I took great notes!

I could never have foreseen the successes, the drawbacks, and the downright failures of my first session of Kitchen Sage.

First lets talk about the Failures:

Transportation!  Since it was summer, I just assumed that transportation was going to be a no-brainer, boy was I wrong.  All-of-the-sudden I became a soccer mom, with less money and definitely not as pretty.  Somehow we all managed to work together and the kids made it to the all the classes.  Next time, we are calling on volunteers to provide additional transportation.  I am off the carpool list until I have my own kids!

ServSafe timing!  I chose to have the students take their test at the end our session.  From now on we will get the certification over with.  This way, if the students need to re-take the test we can be there with additional tutoring.  Rest assured, the two that failed ServSafe will have the opportunity to retake the test, but this way in the future we will get 100% success.  We did have 6 out of the 8 kids pass with flying colors!

We need one more day!  Our session ran Monday through Thursday during the summer, we need one more day to serve our students and the public at large.

Now let’s discuss the Drawbacks:

Obviously the status of our 501c3 has been our main priority and biggest thorn. The 501c3 status allows us to operate completely non profit, it legitimizes us, allowing us to file for grants and sponsorships.   Our consistent nagging has at least provided us with hope! We have been assured that it may come sometime after someone looks at it AT some point in time. At least that is what we have been told!  Can not wait for that!

My communication skills!  I am working better on concise messaging about our mission.  How does this sound?

“Kitchen Sage mentors our children to encourage our community to make choices that are healthier for the body, family, and community through culinary outreach.”

There are not enough hours in the day to do what we need to do!  I need to either alter time as we know it OR drop my pride and ask for more help.


We need volunteers to hang in the kitchen with the kids(the culinary challenged are more than welcome!).

We will need volunteers to shuttle kids home around 5:30 M-F after class starting October 7, 2013 through November 15, 2013.

I need fundraising friends!  We have had a little success with donations and the like, and I thank everyone that has supported us so far.  I think if we could get companies/friends/non-profit organizations  to book parties with Kitchen Sage, that could be a huge win/win for both groups.  The party gets Tommy and his fun filled Kitchen Sage Alumni to cater. All the while portions of donated funds keep the programming alive(we still have to pay for food and labor!). Even if a person just wanted to host a killer party at their home, the outcome is the same, fun for a great mission.  This way the kids are learning about culinary arts, leadership skills, communication skills, all the while having their skin in the game to keep Kitchen Sage moving forward.  Will this be a sweat shop(or kitchen)?  Hell no!  I already have 3 Kitchen Sagers that are apprenticing and getting paid, why not make these positions full time?!! We can do this with the community’s support. Dom, Reggie, and Ariana need full time work! So lets Party!

To the Success!

Sure, 6 out of 8 kids have a 5 year certification that says they know how to handle food safely(ServSafe)! Sure they know the basics of food preparation and have even been introduced to exotic foods like zucchini and asparagus! Of course we worked on leadership and effective communication skills. Sure we discussed issues totally separate of anything culinary and sure we had a good time.  But to go into depth, we need a new BLOG………