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22 Apr


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Forget the Big Bang, We will start with the Big Idea…

April 22, 2013 | By | No Comments

The Story of Kitchen Sage

Until one fall evening I was feeling pretty good about my contributions to my city and the surrounding areas of Grand Rapids.  With three annual birthday parties under my belt, the “JuiceBall”, I had gained great acceptance as a third-party fundraiser for my favorite charity- Kids’ Food Basket.  With my friends, we not only threw one of the most fun charitable events of the New Year — but we were able to provide KFB with countless juice boxes for their sack suppers. The funny thing was that the first JuiceBall was really meant to be a “Friend Raiser” to help put KFB on the map. This was my first taste of how great my city could be.

So back to the night that I realized that sometimes your best is not good enough.  I happen to live downtown Grand Rapids, Heritage Hill to be exact.  What a great and diverse neighborhood to call home, but it really lacks a decent grocery store.  The store in my neighborhood is not friendly for a farm-to-table chef, but it does have some great local tortilla chips which is perfect for the chef that has homemade salsa at his command…NACHOS! Pulling up I saw some of my neighbors hanging out.  Some may find five city teens hanging out in a parking lot suspect and what happened next was a pleasant surprise.  Sporting my chef coat, these kids chose to engage me like I was Jamie Oliver himself………..

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