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Fresh Chefs

Ingredients for the future

Kitchen Sage is about food. It’s about fun. And ultimately, it’s about using both to nourish
our community through an initiative for young adults 18-24 years of age.

Kitchensage is really a work force development program to introduce our city’s young adults to the hospitality profession. For six weeks the students learn about food safety, first aid, relationships, and marketable skills. Once they are vetted they then have the opportunity to have a 90 hour paid externship with one of our many hospitality partners. We then expect them to realize a full time entry level position in the hospitality profession.

Amazing things can happen when people make food together. They feel like part of a community. They understand that they’re responsible to each other. They discover the importance of doing their part. And over time, they start to see themselves as leaders with knowledge and skills that other people value.

Learning how much farther $15 goes at the grocery store than the fast food counter.
Sharing food around a family table. Learning how to eat fresh, healthy, nourishing foods.
Kitchen Sage gives our community the ingredients and skills to grow and flourish at all ages and stages of life.



The application process for the Culinary Leadership Academy is highly selective. Students who meet the qualifications will join the elite group with the opportunity to become a Fresh Chef and be recognized as a food expert in our family and community.

We expect you to apply yourself to get in, and apply yourself once you’ve arrived. If you have what it takes, we’d love to have you join us. Download the PDF application or click below to apply online!

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