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Why Support Kitchen Sage?

Our work addresses four key issues in the community:


Kitchen Sage shares knowledge everyone can use, but the formal training programs like the Culinary Leadership Academy offer an extra benefit, too. By turning everyday kids into experts, it builds their confidence, provides important career preparation, and turns them into ambassadors who can spread the knowledge, multiplying the positive effect throughout their families.


By teaching people how to make the best use of their resources and choose healthier ingredients, we can help them change their habits from fast food to real food that provides better nourishment at no additional cost. These new habits can be the start of a lifetime of healthy eating, helping to curb the obesity epidemic.


Learning about and sharing food around the table creates a platform for family time where experiences are shared, bonds are forged, and families become stronger, more supportive units.


By partnering with local organizations to grow and supply its resources and educating people about where to find those resources, Kitchen Sage can provide support for other West Michigan farms and businesses.

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Your contributions set the table with leadership, culinary skills, and mentorship.