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17 May


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I am an IDIOT!!

May 17, 2013 | By | No Comments

So I have to tell you, after all this blogging, all this work, all this relationship building and outreach for Kitchen Sage, I am an IDIOT!

Now get this, I am NOT complaining, only explaining!  Financially I have been footing the bill for this vision!  I love it, I am cool with it, and we are rocking the in-kind donations for the build out for the new academy!! But that doesn’t get me the other materials and support I really need right now!

And seriously, my accountant Ginny is going to kill me if I put one more cent into Kitchen Sage!

However, I am trying to make that quantum leap right now from TFG,LLC to Executive Director, Kitchen Sage! So I am doing both, TFG to not only pay my bills, but Kitchen Sage’s as well.  Kind of tough, really tough! So why does it take an interview with one of my future students to present me with the big duh?


Not only did this kid get into my first session, she is now on my junior leadership board!  As I was showing her all the killer stuff we are going to afford her, she asked me how much was the program? Duh, its free! The next question, “how are YOU going to pay for it chef Tommy”? Of course my optimism spoke up and said grants, fundraisers, chef dinners…etc! Then she says, how much have you raised? I told her I am raising awareness and friends right now. Then she looks at me like I took the short bus to school and says,”Uhm, don’t you have like all these friends already?”, “why don’t you have all your social media friends click on the donate button? I am sure everyone would give you at least 10 bucks!”

Thank you Aaliyah, for being my first Kitchen Sager, For being the first junior on my advisory board, and for smacking me in the face with a killer idea! I think you gave me my first ask!

tommy-in-kitchenSo who’s in?!

Oh and Thank you in advance and being a part of my first ask!!


Executive Director KITCHEN SAGE!!! (soon full time!)

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