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07 Feb


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I feel Safe and so Should YOU!

February 7, 2017 | By | No Comments

Kitchen Sage’s recent graduates are in the workforce right now as externs!

The incomparable Nikki Hill is at Spectrum Health, working every part of their dining program. Chef Steve is giving Nikki the foundation to work for a large employer that values every teammate! From guest dining to preparation, she is working hard to get a full time job after her externship.

The man with dancing feet Mikus McCoy is now at Ju Sushi and Lounge. This was a perfect fit for Mikus because is has the heart of an artist and chef Josh can hone that artist with some amazing SUSHI! Plus the Ju team really believes in the mentoring of great chefs.

And finally, we have JaQuan Guy, and what a guy he is! This man with the soul of a lion is externing with Connie’s Cakes. We could not ask for a better mentor that Mary Scheidel. This lady is teaching Quan life lessens and how to decorate the most amazing cakes on the planet.

To ALL our Hospitality Partners, THANK YOU, you too are Kitchen Sage! Here’s a better pic of us all!

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