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14 Sep


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Just in the MICK of Time!

September 14, 2016 | By | No Comments

star-mick-interview-mashup-2I am sure everyone knows how sappy I can get, but this time its not too bad! But it is really amazing that a company that gave me opportunities to put myself through school, that this many years later I still feel a part of the team.

Whenever the Gilmore Group asks, I am happy to help out with things like judging or being apart of one of their countless events. It takes me waaaay back to the time to when I worked at the Thornapple Inn. I was a server, dish dog, or anything they needed because they were so willing to take the time to train me on new roles. The money was great, the knowledge was POWER!

So just as I am trying to place my recent graduate, I gave Chef Mick Rickerd a call. Chef Mick runs the catering for Gilmore..yummy! Mick and I go back to some funny events when an honest word would prove paramount. I have always respected him for that. So when I had a Star, (literally that’s her name!) graduate from Kitchen Sage I had to be strategic with her placement for the externship. Star has so many core things that will make her a great chef, a diamond in the rough. I wanted to put her with a chef that would hold her accountable and help her hone her skills. I knew Mick was the man!

The man for what? I need partners that are willing to take the risk and really hold my graduates accountable. The real chefs of the world mentor hard! When I was a budding chef there were often private talks in the walk in cooler, threats of violence!, or worse yet calling me out if I was being lazy. That is how you make a chef! And today there is the cellphone that chefs have to deal with on top of all the BS. I am so lucky I didn’t have to worry about cell phones at Cafe Stella! Mick, how do you do it?!!

So Mick, Chef/Brotha! THANK YOU! Without partners like you, Kitchen Sage would be just Home Economics, not WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT!

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