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24 Apr


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Now Back to the Parking Lot!

April 24, 2013 | By | No Comments

So after I assured the teens that I was NOT the chef they see on TV by sharing with them my 14 hour day with little pay, I began to see something in their eyes you would not expect from any teen…engagement!  These kids were cool, respectful, and down right funny! They had expressed the reasons why my neighborhood would not employ them but still could not wait for an opportunity to be a chef.  I gave them some sincere optimism with existing avenues that they should check out, knowing full well that the resources for this are scarce.

Time for some El Matador chips!  As a went to purchase the base of my nachos, here is one of the guys from outside in front of me buying junk and more junk to wash it down.  I know, you know that this was probably his dinner. Anger level, luke warm!

Time for an intervention!!  I very bluntly informed him that being a chef starts with his belly!  Because when you put kick butt awesome grub in yer belly, you want to share your passion with your family, your friends and one day in your own restaurant! After asking if he had access to an oven or microwave, I sent him to grab a bag of chips because he was going to make nachos for his homies!  So I grab the block cheese, the french onion dip, the can of beans, and the jar of salsa(God forbid real ingredients in the neighborhood!).  The kid comes back with a national brand bag of tortilla chips that look like they have been on a truck from Texas! Anger level, definitely HOT!

Time to pass on my mantra,”GO local or MOVE!” I explain why he should purchase the chips made by his neighbors, even though they SEEM more expensive, I showed him a breakdown of value.  Now I am REALLY MAD!(you know I want to use worst words, but gonna keep it clean!) I check out, say good night, go home and stew over my nachos!…..

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