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16 May


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Sometimes a “NO” turns into a better “YES”!

May 16, 2013 | By | No Comments

I think we all know by now that Kitchen Sage is putting me into some unfamiliar waters. However, the cool thing is that they are not unchartered!  The main thing that I want to impress upon our students that if first you don’t succeed, try harder! My setbacks and failures are only going to prove to be brilliant models for our course study!

I was given an opportunity (gift!) to write and present my Kitchen Sage to a foundation offering grants. Lets see, how many grants have I written in my life, oh that would be none! But I jumped into the opportunity, realizing that the chances were slim and that I likely wouldn’t receive any money.  I think a lessor person would probably turn down the opportunity because of the intimidating task.They may even hire someone with experience in hopes of getting a better chance for a return on their investment. I want everyone to know  that I am doing Kitchen Sage for selfish reasons too. I want to learn to teach, I want to learn how to solicit funds from other than my parties and friends, and I want to teach our kids that the relationships you form dictate your success in life.  It was the relationship with this person that gave me the chance to voice my passion and intent.  So I figured why would I even attempt to express my passion through a third party grant writer?

So I wrote and Presented!

Grant writing..they seemed to like it, maybe a B-? Presentation, probably a C-. Effort and the ability to learn …A! I know it may sound weird that I was so excited to put in hours of effort with no return financially(at least not this year) but again, not everything is about the money.  The thing that really amazed me is that the person who gave me the opportunity in the first place, didn’t just send me a letter. She took time out her day to meet with me and tell me why those a different direction. That means more to me than anything, plus……..

Her presentation of “No” turned into a “YES” when I asked her to be on my advisory board! See everyone knows that success comes from failure. With my friend now on my board, I feel like I have taken Kitchen Sage to a new level. Learning to communicate effectively to new groups or demographics is what I need. Combining from what I learned about a message and how to convey it from my Design for Good team I was already swimming towards mainland and now a have a friend with a boat!

And the BEST part, now we have Soroya Pierre-Vanartsen on our advisory board!! This is worth more than ANY grant!  Thank you for sharing my vision and passion Soroya!!

So if you feel really bad that I didn’t get the money, feel free to invest in Kitchen Sage via paypal, we could use some cheese!


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