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Nicole Lafave

08 May


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DFG, More Like Designed For Greatness Thank YOU Again AIGA!

May 8, 2013 | By | No Comments

You know, sometimes one’s appreciation is revisited when you realize how much a group of great people have added to your life, passion, and vision.  NEVER forget, that saying “THANK-YOU” again NEVER hurts! In this case, just in case you didn’t listen to my WJRW rant of thanks with Dave Jaconette, just take a peek!  Thank you again Gwen O’Brien, Tom Englesman, Matt Fouty, Tyler Wayner, Terri Spaulding, Rachel Hyde,Karin Lannon, Betsy Bloom,Nicole LaFave, Mike Gorman, Jon Czeranna, and Craig Cockerill, who came in to be the official KITCHEN SAGE WEBMaster!

By the way, ALL these guys have helped out after the weekend!! Because they are Designed for GREAT!! Check out what they did in 60hrs!!(For FREE!)


24 Apr


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So back to why my message is clearer!

April 24, 2013 | By | No Comments

You know, when you are so passionate about a vision, sometimes you have trouble conveying an intent. I think I said it all yesterday on the Dave Jaconette Show yesterday.  I usually get over to the show every Tuesday at 10. Dave and I get to catch up and we have some great banter before I get on the air to share with the audience all the positive things going on. If you notice when we are on the air, Dave has a great way of clarifying, almost interpreting my passion for Kitchen Sage! it is part of his mentorship and I am crazy grateful! Thanks to Jere Sorger for giving us this format!

just click below!

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