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14 Sep


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Timing is everything…

September 14, 2017 | By | No Comments

First of all I need to let you know that this is not Tommy today. I am Patty Brechting a new friend of Kitchen Sage. A few weeks ago I was at a picnic and saw Tommy who I have known for several years. We would run into each other occasionally and catch up with what was happening in each other lives. Over the last few years he has been telling me about Kitchen Sage and it’s mission. My response was, “Wow, someday I am going to come and work with you.”

As a mother of 5 kids I was probably at least half as busy as Tommy with juggling all of their sports and other craziness. Well, finally the last kid is an adult and I was left wondering what to do when I grew up. I haven’t been to the office in 27 years since my son Matt was born and I couldn’t see keeping office hours again. I detest housework, and never really good at the stay-at-home part of the mom job. One thing I am excellent at is volunteering. Enter Tommy. I am no longer needed as a team Mom so I thought why not join the Kitchen Sage team? He asked me to meet with him and see where I could help. So here I am, starting something new, in a new environment, doing my little part. The timing is finally right to help out the neighborhood, and I am hoping to get some great cooking tips along the way.

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